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Best Bridesmaid Wedding Photo Poses and Ideas

This photo was taken over a walking bridge in South Bend and is probably the best bridesmaid photo that I have taken to date for several reasons. It was difficult to get the perfect shot because it was a hot and sunny day and the sun was shining right on the faces of all of the bridesmaids. Therefore, it worked out great that each of their heads were turned just right to get the sun out of their eyes, but most importantly, it gives so much character to this photo. Another difficult aspect of this photo was the fact that part of the iron bridge spanned overhead and created dark and harsh shadows below. In this photo, the girls were in the right place at the right time – just behind the next shadow and barely ahead of the last one. Sometimes you just have to get lucky.

Here’s another one of my best bridesmaids photos take of the same wedding party earlier in the day!

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