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Aerial photo of Chicago’s North Loop

Aerial photo of Chicago overlooking the near north side of downtown Chicago.

Aerial photograph of downtown Chicago and the north Loop district with the John Hancock Center featured. This photo faces east overlooking the Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan as the backdrop.

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Chicago Railroad Tracks Metra South Shore

The downtown Chicago passenger railroad, Metra and South Shore electric lines.

The passenger railroad lines that run the Metra and South Shore trains running into downtown Chicago from the city’s south side. The South Shore railroad takes passengers along the southern shore of Lake Michigan into Indiana all the way to South Bend. The Metra line takes passengers to the south suburbs including Homewood, University Park, Tinley Park and more.

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Gallagher Smashs Watermelon at Summerfest Milwaukee

Performer and Stand-Up Comedian Gallagher Smashes a Watermelon

Comedian Gallagher smashes a watermelon on the crowd during his act at Summerfest in downtown Milwaukee in June 2010. Gallagher performed for about an hour before teen pop star Ryan Cabrera took the stage.

Abandoned Bathroom in an Old Church

The abandoned bathroom has been out of use since the early 1970s when the City Methodist Church of Gary closed its doors. Today, the building and much of its contents still stand as a reminder of the past.

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Aerial photo of Chicago with John Hancock Center

Aerial Chicago featuring John Hancock Center

Aerial photo of downtown Chicago featuring the John Hancock Center prominently dominating the skyline on the north side of the city while being partially obscured by clouds. View more photos of Chicago, both aerial and from the ground.

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Italian Village Restaurant in downtown Chicago

The Italian Village restaurant in downtown Chicago.

The Italian Village Restaurant in downtown Chicago claims to be the oldest and longest running Italian restaurant in the City of Chicago. Located in the south loop, this is a popular and well liked restaurant among native Chicagoans.

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Historic Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago

The famous Berghoff Restaurant and Berghoff Bar in downtown Chicago.

The historic Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago. The Berghoff is a staple in Chicago and has been around for decades.

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The Mood Graph of Gary, Indiana

The mood graph.

The Mood Graph, as depicted by an anonymous graffiti artist in Gary, Indiana. This photo was taken inside of the former Gary Union Station which closed in the mid 1950s and still stands today just one block from the central downtown Gary district.

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The Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis, MN

The Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a very nice hotel and conveniently located to most everything in the downtown Minneapolis area. Most locations re within walking distance, including the Minnesota Twins baseball park, the Mill City Museum, the Mississippi River and much more.


Aerial photo of downtown Chicago over State Street

Aerial photo of State Street in Chicago.

Aerial photo of downtown Chicago over State Street overlooking Harrison from the south and looking north towards the Harold Washington Library, Robert Morris University in Chicago, DePaul University, the Chicago Theater and much more.

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Aerial photo of downtown Chicago near Willis Tower

Aerial photo of Chicago near Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower).

Aerial photo of downtown Chicago near the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) facing northeast towards the Aon Center, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building. The low clouds make for a dramatic effect, obscuring the tops of some of the tallest buildings in the United States. View the black and white version of this photo.

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Chicago Spring Photos along Michigan Ave

A spring evening in downtown Chicago.

Downtown Chicago in the spring along Michigan Ave. This photo is taken near Congress and Michigan Ave facing north. The historic Congress Hotel sign can be seen along Michigan Ave as well as the distinctive red CNA building. View more photos of Chicago including spring photos and photos in Millennium Park.

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Chicago Spring Tulips in Millennium Park

Spring in Chicago's Millenium Park.

A beautiful spring day in Chicago featuring purple and yellow tulips growing in Millennium Park near the Prudential Building and the Aon Center on downtown Chicago. Millennium Park is full of various gardens, including many gardens with edible vegetation and lettuces which are maintained by various organizations. View more of my Chicago photos taken over the years.

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Downtown Minneapolis along the Stone Arch Bridge

Downtown Minneapolis from Stone Arch Bridge

The downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline as seen from the historic Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River. This is an HDR photo that I took in August 2010 near the Mill Ruins Museum and other local landmarks.

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Aerial photo of St. John, Indiana at 93rd Ave

Aerial photo of St. John, Indiana

Aerial photo of St. John, Indiana taken in August 2013 over 93rd Avenue facing southeast towards the St. John Town Hall and Fire Department. The St. John water tower can be seen in the distance along the railroad tracks. View more aerial photos of Northwest Indiana.

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Aerial photo of Cedar Lake, Indiana at US 41 and 133rd

Aerial photo of Cedar Lake, Indiana.

Aerial photo of Cedar Lake, Indiana taken over 133rd facing west looking towards US 41 (Wicker Ave). This photo was taken in August 2013 and shows the main intersection leading into Cedar Lake from US 41 on the west side of town. View more aerial photos of Northwest Indiana.

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Abandoned Classroom in an Old Church

An abandoned classroom in the former City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana. The former church closed in the early 1970s and the building has been vacant ever since. This was likely a church classroom of some type. View more of my photos of urban exploration in Gary, Indiana including more photos from this church.

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New York City Skyline with Empire State Building

The New York City skyline as seen from the top of Rockefeller Center in May 2006. Facing south, the Empire State Building towers over midtown Manhattan.

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Abandoned Minneapolis Flour Mills

The historic Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Old abandoned Minneapolis flour mills along the Mississippi River.