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Historical Tribeca Buildings in New York City on Church St with D. Rich Co building

TriBeCa, New York City
I lucked out with this photo opportunity. On the second day of our east coast May 2011 road trip, Rose and I stayed at the Roxy Hotel NYC in New York City. We checked in around 2:00pm and shortly after we got checked in, we peaked out the window and saw these old buildings. These buildings are known as Second Empire buildings and these particular ones were built in and around 1868-1876. From what I have found through some research, D. Rich Co. was the name of a company that operated in this building in the Tribeca neighborhood between 1949-1951. The sign remains on the building over 60 years later.

The Tribeca Grand Hotel was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay at the hotel. The hotel rooms are quite small, but they are clean and modern and about what you would expect to have in the Tribeca neighborhood. There is a cozy bar and seating area downstairs and the overall atmosphere is sheik, modern and stylish. The hotel has an artsy and hipster type of vibe and is catered more towards the young adult crowd. The hotel’s location is one block from the subway system going north to midtown Manhattan, near Times Square and Central Park. It is also only about eight blocks north of the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial Site.

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Below is a video of the scene through our window at the Tribeca Grand Hotel just before shooting these photos!

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