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Beautiful Victorian Old Searsport Maine House Falling Apart Along US Route 1

An old, dilapidated Victorian house in Searsport, Maine.

I spotted this house as Rose and I were driving north on US Route 1 in Searsport, Maine towards Acadia National Park. I wish that I knew more about the history of this once beautiful home. It appears to be Victorian and probably built around the turn of the 20th century, or just before. It is completely dilapidated with a roof that is soon to cave in, a boarded up front door and a bright red unwelcoming sign. The land around it looks pristine, with flowing grass resembling a fresh meadow. It doesn’t appear as if anyone has touched the grounds around it (at least not yet this year).

Cook's Crossing in Searsport, Maine

The end of the month of May brings bright green colors and driving through Maine along the coast is a beautiful way to take in the scenery. It also brings up one of our favorite Maine foods…lobster rolls! As you drive north past Portland, Maine along US 1, you will come across many lobster roll stands along the road. Many of them look similar to a hotdog stand and some places are full out diners and restaurants. But there are quite a few as you head north to Acadia National Park (about a 5 hour drive from Portland, ME). If you happen to be making the same road trip in Maine along US 1 and you are near Searsport, ME, there is a very good restaurant and ice cream parlor called Cook’s Crossing that is located about one mile south of this house. Cook’s Crossing has crab rolls, lobster rolls, ice cream and more! The business is made from the original Searsport train station, which was relocated to the property. We highly recommend stopping here for a tasty meal if you happen to be passing through town!

An old Victorian house collapsing along US Route 1 in Searsport, Maine

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