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Oliver Winery Pinot Grigio 2009 Wine Bottle in BW

A bottle of Oliver Winery Pinot Grigio 2009

Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana has become a staple for wine lovers across the state as well as a hidden gem for those traveling through the Midwest. Located just a few miles north of Bloomington along IN-37 (about 40 miles south of Indianapolis), Oliver Winery has been making wine in southern Indiana since the early 1970s and is Indiana’s first winery. There is a wide variety of wines to taste while visiting Oliver Winery’s beautiful tasting room. Their staple wines include Camelot Mead (made from honey), Soft Red (Indiana’s most popular wine) and several others ranging from dry reds to sweet dessert wines.

There are several seasonal wines and drinks to watch out for as well! In the fall, Oliver Winery makes a great apple cider wine and mulls it with spices right inside the tasting room. Visitors can sample the wine, which is reminiscent of baked apples with a touch of cinnamon. Blackberry (my personal Oliver Winery favorite) is now offered much more often than it once was ten years ago and is usually (but not always) readily available for purchase.

The prices of the bottles of wine vary, but generally speaking, almost every bottle at the winery can be purchased for under $20 (except for a few reserve bottles and older dry reds). While some wine connoisseurs may sneer at the lost cost of the bottles, one should certainly visit the winery and taste the many samples available before rushing to that judgement.

I would highly recommend that anyone who loves wine and visiting wineries make Oliver Winery in Bloomington a stop. The winery also sells several other speciality items like cheeses, salsa, pretzel dips, chocolates and more. Visitors are also allowed to purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy on the beautiful grounds of the winery. There are plenty of picnic benches to sit at, or feel free to spread a blanket out on the grass and enjoy your bottle of wine while overlooking a peaceful pond. You surely won’t be disappointed!

Oliver Winery is located at 8024 N. State Road 37, Bloomington, IN 47404. For more information, visit the Oliver Winery website of contact them directly at (800) 25-TASTE

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