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Mormon Row Barn at Grand Teton National Park

T.A. Moulton Barn on Mormon Row at Grand Teton National Park

When I go out looking for scenes to shoot, I try and find my own angles and my own perspective rather than the traditional photos that every tourist has taken. However, while researching for my cross country road trip that I was about to take back in June 2009, I kept coming across photos taken from Mormon Row facing the Grand Teton Mountains. When I received marketing materials about the park, the same photo was almost always featured. Each photo was striking in itself and I was easily able to do a Google image search to learn more about this particular area and where it was located.

When I arrived in Jackson, WY, it was evening and much too late to find the spot. It had rained for most of the day and the skies were just beginning to clear. I decided to go into the downtown area to grab a burger and head in for the night. The next morning, I headed out of Jackson, WY north towards the Grand Teton National Park. As you travel north past the National Elk Refuge, there is a side road that takes you about a mile off of the state highway. Eventually, I had to turn north down a muddy dirt road and travel about two miles. Just before reaching the location, my car got stuck in the mud. I was alone and essentially in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service. I rocked the car back and forth hoping to get it to budge when finally, it gripped the road and I was moving forward. Shorty after, I arrived with my mud covered car to the surprise of a couple tourist families who were photographing the site as well.

After a few hellos, I set up my shot. The clouds were busy looking and moving quickly; forming rapidly and then dissipating again in seconds. I spent about 25 minutes at the site before I began to head back towards the highway and north into the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway and on into Yellowstone National Park.

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