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Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Home of the Indianapolis Colts and 2012 Super Bowl XLVI 46

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Home of Super Bowl XLVI 46

This photo (click to enlarge) was taken from a hotel room in the new JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis at around 3:00am on Sunday, January 15, 2012. In this photo you can see Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts NFL football team as well as home of the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI 46 featuring the Eli Manning and the New York Giants against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Much of this area is new, including the JW Marriott Hotel, which opened around February 2011, less than a year ago.

In the foreground with the black roof is the Indiana Convention Center. You can also see the nearby Super Bowl Village, which was not yet opened at the time, but opened not long after this photo was taken. The JW Marriott Hotel serves as one of the main hotels for Super Bowl guests, journalists, celebrities, players, coaches and many others who are in town for the big game.

If this photo were expanded more to the left, you would see the Indianapolis skyline. While I was up late at night looking out the hotel room windows, I took another photo of the Indianapolis skyline at night with a shooting star that came out pretty amazing! As I took the photo, I thought that I saw the shooting star in my peripheral vision and sure enough when I checked, I had caught it on my camera. The shutter was only open for about 0.8 seconds, so really, capturing the photo was pure luck.

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Review of JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis

On a side note, the JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis was a very nice hotel to stay in. The JW Marriott is a luxury hotel line offering premium services, including beautiful and spacious rooms, city views and more. I would highly recommend the JW Marriott as a place to stay in downtown Indianapolis. Its location is near most downtown attractions including Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indiana Convention Center, Circle Center Mall, Monument Circle, Victory Field, the Indiana Statehouse, comedy clubs, restaurants and more.

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