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Holiday Inn West Bay in Traverse City at Sunset

The Holiday Inn – West Bay in Traverse City is located just east of downtown Traverse City along the shores of the Grand Traverse Bay. I stayed at the Holiday Inn West Bay during my stay in Traverse City from June 9-11, 2012 and had an enjoyable experience. Our room was located in one of the best locations in the hotel; in the northeast corner on the top floor. The room overlooked the Grand Traverse Bay to the north and the east, which made for a relaxing weekend overlooking the bay. We were happy to learn when we arrived that there are food places to eat at within the Holiday Inn!

This area in particular is a great area to stay if you are a photographer. The sun sets over the bay with the city skyline (small as it may be) just to the south of the sunset. The color reflects nicely off of the calm waters of Grand Traverse Bay creating a reflective reddish and magenta tint throughout the area. I was able to take several photos of the sunset in Traverse City and also have a timelapse video that I will post once I get that video done.

I enjoyed my stay in Traverse City so much that I am eager to get back to the city, perhaps even before winter! It was my first time visiting northern Michigan and the land and communities surrounding Traverse Bay are absolutely stunning. The location is great (although I would worry about the winters) and it’s proximity to Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore and Mackinac Island make it a nice destination for travelers. My dream someday would be to have a small cabin in the area just west of town and near the coast, but in the meantime, I’ll likely continue staying at the Holiday Inn West Bay when I come into town to visit and I recommend this hotel to anyone who is traveling to Traverse City and looking for a good beach area resort that is close to Traverse City’s downtown area.

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