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The Sample Gates at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

The Sample Gates at Indiana University

This is one of the only photos of the Sample Gates that I have seen taken as an HDR photograph. This photo was taken as I visited Bloomington in early May 2011. The Sample Gates were constructed here in the 1980s, replacing what use to be the main road that lead into the old part of campus. This area is featured in one of the scenes from the 1979 movie Breaking Away, which was filmed entirely in Bloomington in and around the Indiana University campus.

This is a bittersweet shot for me because I am a graduate of Indiana University, so Bloomington and the Indiana University campus have a very special place in my heart and just three weeks after I took this photograph, an EF1 tornado swept through the Bloomington campus and surrounding area hitting the Dunn Woods which are pictured to the right of the Sample Gates above. While building damage was minimal, there was extensive tree damage particularly in this area which is widely known as a woodsy, shady area.

This photo is one of my first HDR photos. I took three consecutive photos, each at different exposures in order to get this final merged version which looks more like an architects rendering than an actual photograph.

I take as many opportunities as I can to get to Bloomington to photograph the campus. The campus itself is so large that there is an infinite number of possibilities for different angles and perspectives. Each season is unique and the diverse landscape brings photo opportunities around virtually every corner. Be sure to check out the rest of my photo blog, including HDR photos of downtown Indianapolis!