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Candlelite Chicago Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar in Historic Rogers Park Neighborhood

Candlelite Chicago Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar in Rogers Park

Candlelite restaurant and sports bar is a restaurant in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago on the far north side near Evanston. Candlelite has been in business since 1950 and is known for their signature thin crust pizza recipe made with homemade dough and sauce. They are also well known for their garlic herb fries with feta cheese, a must try appetizer to any Chicago resident!

Candlelite is a business client of mine and I currently manage their social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I also take all of the photos for the business and I shoot HD videos of customer testimonials and produce them into a nice and professional format, then upload them to YouTube (sample below). The YouTube videos are loaded with relevant title tags, descriptions and keywords so that they show up for a direct search of a business’s name and other relevant phrases related to the company or product.

One of more specific things that I do with my photography is by using it in digital marketing for other businesses. Digital marketing is a pretty broad term, so to define specifically what I do, I’m a professional photographer, video producer, graphic designer, SEO strategist, small business consultant and a social media manager. Quite a few hats to wear, but all of those skills weave together a nice package that includes photos, videos and website optimization for your business.

Candlelite is located at 7452 N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645. • (773) 465-0087

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